Vegas by the Sea

It's been 7 months since my last entry. No, I wasn't in Hawaii for 7 months. Only 7 days. Shacked up at this tropical gem. Take away the water, and it's pretty much Sanctus.

I spent some of my days poolside with Mr. Ka'Uhane

I spent some of my days poolside with Mr. Ka'Uhane

So why the lapse? I have a job just like you that sucks up my time and life force. But I'm getting out of the vampire lackey business and making a lateral move into the burgeoning industry of bloodsucker genocide. It's a startup, and we have one employee. Maybe I should try Kickstarter.

I'm getting off track. My job was to make contact with a possible sister hotel here in Maui and gauge its interest in merging under our dark umbrella. The gifted suitcase of $100 bills did most of the talking, but I'd like to think my charm helped sell Mr. Ka'Uhane, who's name ironically means "soul or spirit," on the idea of making this verdant paradise even greener. I didn't have the heart to tell him that if this joint venture actually goes through, he'll never see green again. At least not in daylight.

Side note: sunbathing is a real waste of time. I left just as pale as when I arrived. I'm sure I looked like a corpse. One of the down sides to regeneration.