Safest I've felt in centuries.

The wild blue yonder.

The wild blue yonder.

I'm about 45,000 feet in the air. I don't know if I am but all I see are clouds and Google says that's how high planes fly. Googling is one of the million ways I distract myself. I'd google Google, but I don't want to open a worm hole. This world is frightening enough. Which is why I love flying. No one can get to you here unless you pay for internet. But eventually, it's wheels down for everyone.

I'm flying to Hawaii. Not for a tan. Not to drink out of a coconut. And not to get away (although I wanna). I'm here on business. You see, Sanctus wants to...expand. Become a chain. Like McDonalds. Except we won't be making burgers. The idea is the meat patties come to us.

So I'll be landing in a few hours and pay a visit to a possible sister hotel. Feel 'em out. Pitch 'em the idea. See if they're open to joining a highly-profitable blood cult.

"Hang loose from a noose." That's not a great slogan, but it's a start...